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    Our videos, articles, and illustrations are all created to be able to be read and understood by young readers up to adults. We discuss complex vocabulary and topics in an easy to understand format so that learners of all ages can build a thorough understanding.

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    We are continually creating new courses on all topics related to the equestrian world, from ridden skills to barn management to horse care. This ensures we will always have something new for you to expand your equine knowledge.

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    Our content is created by a variety of equine professionals across the world, enabling you to get a well-rounded set of perspectives and tips for your mental toolbox. We are real people giving real advice from our many years spent working with horses.

For Students

Whether you are new to the world of horses or have been riding for a lifetime, there is always more to learn! Our courses will take you through a wide variety of topics related to riding, care, and knowledge. With new content being uploaded weekly, there will always be something new to discover! Use this as a ring-side companion as you work through training issues, or from the comfort of your couch as you dive deep into equine knowledge.

For Trainers

As trainers, we all know it is impossible to fit everything you wish you could teach your students into one lesson per week. By giving them access to unlimited high quality instructional materials, you will enable your team of riders to get the edge on the competition without having to invest any more of your time. You will also get unlimited access to training and instructing tips and methods from around the world to make lesson planning easier, more creative, and higher quality!


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