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The wide world of horse knowledge is immense.  Every trainer across the world has tried hundreds of strategies throughout their career in order to reach their goals with the variety of horses and students that cross their path.  By uniting under one common platform, we can each contribute our collective wisdom of what has worked, and get support for what has not!


  • What do I get for contributing?

    You get a free trainer's account, which gives you unlimited access to all the resources and content on both the student and trainer bundles. Just like a regular trainer's account, you get a monthly kickback for each of your students who signs up and the ability to make and sell custom branded merchandise for extra income.

  • What can I contribute?

    Contributors need to pick a topic they do not see on the current course offerings that they are knowledgeable in. The topic needs to be broad enough to break down into 6 sections we call chapters, but specific enough that someone taking the course will feel like they have the tools to master one specific skill. Content can be written articles, photographs, self-made illustrations, or videos.

  • How do I come up with an idea for what to contribute?

    Is there a common problem or situation you encounter while training or instructing that you can describe how to solve? Are there methods you use over and over in your daily operations that could benefit someone else? What questions are you often asked by students and colleagues to explain? Which topics do you wish your students knew more about when they climbed into the saddle? What skills related to horse ownership or farm management do you have unique takes on? What do you enjoy doing in your job or teaching about the most? Any of these questions can be a good starting point for a course you might like to contribute to.

  • Do I have to write the whole course start to finish?

    Only if you want to! All content contributed will be edited by our team, and can be combined with other professionals who have ideas on the topics if you don't feel you have enough to build out a whole course. Any ideas you can write about, video, or photograph will help grow our community's knowledge base, so don't be worried if you don't feel you have enough!

  • How much do I need to contribute to keep my trainer account free?

    You need to contribute content for 1 course per month, which can look like any of the following: 6 pages of 12 pt font single spaced written content; an hour of video with training and/or instruction on a topic; 20 photographs or self-made illustrations showcasing critical skills and/or tools.

  • What kind of audience should I target my content to?

    Our goal is that any reading-aged horse enthusiast can learn from our curriculum items, which means that everything you write should be explained simply and thoroughly enough for all ages to understand. However, this does not mean that it should be written "for kids" or lacking complex vocabulary and concepts. Try to think of a way to break down or explain these concepts in a way that anyone could understand, while preserving the quality and level of your information.

  • Will I get credit for what I contribute?

    Yes! Each course will include a picture, name, and location for all of its contributors.

  • Who owns the content I contribute?

    All content contributed is owned by Savage Riding, LLC, the parent company for Leg Up Academy. However, you can still continue to use your own resources that you create on a personal level.

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